API DOCUMENTATION Last Update: Mar 28, 2022

Update Account Information

Update a (business / merchant) account's information.


The data to be submitted to the API is composed of the following fields:


  field   Example   Note
user_id john1970 Required
user_password 1959caadac9b13dcb3 Required
type account_update Required
account_id greatwidgets Required
agency demo_agency Only if changed
contact_email info@agency.com Only if changed
contact_first_name John Only if changed
contact_last_name Doe Only if changed
contact_phone 555-555-2455 Only if changed
client_email john@widgets.com Only if changed
biz_name Great Widgets, LLC Only if changed
biz_address1 123 Success St. Only if changed
biz_address1 Suite 103 Only if changed
biz_city Anytown Only if changed
biz_state ZZ Only if changed
biz_zip 55555 Only if changed
biz_country NZ Only if changed
biz_locations 50 Only if changed
biz_online Y or N Only if changed
biz_empoloyees 5000 Only if changed
industry Science & Technology Only if changed
new_account_password pa$$w0rd Only if changed
language_selector EN Only if changed
symbol_selector AUD Only if changed
timezone_selector 68 Only if changed
referrer_name John Smith Only if changed
activate Y Only if changed
Additional Integrations:
mailchimp_username monkeycall Optional
mailchimp_password m0nk3yc411 Optional
sms_username biztexter Optional
sms_password b1zt3xt3r Optional
Output Format:
output JSON or XML Optional.
If not provided, defaults to XML
callback someFunctionName Optional:
JSONP format
condensed yes Optional
(No white space)
Applies only to JSON(P) output


  • The account_id cannot be changed -- It needs to be provided to identify which account is being edited.
  • 'agency' is the ID of the agency under which this client belongs.
  • The contact_ and biz_ fields are information about the client, except for the contact_email ( which is the agency's email contact -- this isdue to historical and legacy billing reasons -- this is the email to which the bill is sent from the billing system.)
  • The client's email field is the client_email, NOT the contact_email (see above)
  • You can find a list of language two-letter codes in the Available Languages reference page
  • You can find a list of currency codes in the Currency Codes reference page
  • You can find a list of timezone codes in the Timezones reference page
  • The activate parameter is optional and used only for those agencies that do not allow trial clients to automatically become billable once they pass 10 customers. For those agencies, specifying activate=Y will activate the trial client and allow them to pass the 10-customer limit.
  • Legacy use of type=process_owner_account, action=edit is still valid, but deprecated.


Example PHP Request:

If you are using PHP, the $data array would look like this:

  1. $data['user_id'] = 'john1970';
  2. $data['user_password'] = '1959caadac9b13dcb3';
  3. $data['type'] = account_update';
  4. $data['agency'] = 'demo_agency';
  5. $data['contact_email'] = 'contact@demo_agency.com';
  6. $data['contact_first_name'] = 'John';
  7. $data['contact_last_name'] = 'Doe';
  8. $data['contact_phone'] = '555-555-2455';
  9. $data['client_email'] = 'john@widgets.com';
  10. $data['biz_name'] = 'Great Widgets, LLC';
  11. $data['biz_address1'] = '123 Success St.';
  12. $data['biz_address2'] = 'Suite 103';
  13. $data['biz_city'] = 'Anytown';
  14. $data['biz_state'] = 'ZZ';
  15. $data['biz_zip'] = '55555';
  16. $data['biz_country'] = 'NZ';
  17. $data['account_id'] = 'greatwidgets';
  18. $data['account_password'] = 'pa$$w0rd';
  19. $data['language_selector'] = 'EN';
  20. $data['symbol_selector'] = 'AUD';
  21. $data['timezone_selector'] = '68';
  22. $data['referrer_name'] = 'John Smith';


Success XML Response:

  1. <response status="success">
  2. </response>


Success XML Response (if user_id = account_id, then the user_password is new):

  1. <response status="success">
  2. <new_api_token>2959caadac9b13dcb4</new_api_token>
  3. </response>


Error XML Response:

  1. <response status="error">
  2. <error>Error message</error>
  3. </response>